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In 2009, we began working in small offices in Athens, Ohio. Today, we work in small offices, around the world. Not that exciting of a story is it? Our sweetest spot and our favorite projects are with small teams. In a world of choice and high-class problems, we are not the biggest, or the most expensive. Instead, we're probably a company you've never heard of, made up of individuals you haven't followed. We choose the alternative. Growth is great for startups and bitcoin, but growth has its natural downside. We seek partnerships not win-lose customers.

In 2018, Sundries is partnering with startups, SMB, and training the new IT workforce for Enterprise IT. For more information, please contact

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Sundries is a small software development consultancy. We are practitiors of PMBOK, BABOK, Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, and other flavors of software development (SDLC). We partner with startups, SMB, and Enterprise, implementing mobile and web solutions. In 2018, we are continuing the Sundries IT Bootcamp for college students and the non-IT workforce.

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Columbus, Ohio, USA